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Product Introduction

With the proliferation of mobile apps in many organizations, their employees depend heavily on companies’ mobile apps to perform daily business activities. In order to provide a more efficient approach for companies to manage their mobile applications, YESsafe AppPortal+ has been designed to deliver a number of critical security functions and features to protect mobile apps and sensitive business information:

User Security Features

Strong Authentication and Authorization

  • Leverage 2FA and Biometrics for strong authentication requirements
  • Provides contextual adaptive authentication feature to dynamically adjust the authentication process

Mobile Single Sign On Platform

  • SSO using standard OAuth & OpenID Connect protocol
  • SSO using user login activity simulation i.e. SSO Login and change password without any source code modifications

Secure Enrollment

  • Authenticate users with a one-time password and/or with a user’s Active Directory/LDAP credentials.

Re-Authentication Capabilities

  • SSO using standard policy control for re-authentication before single sign-on to enhance security for sensitive or high risk apps and to avoid unauthorized access by impersonate users

Application Security Features

Secure Mobile Portal – Common Access Point for Apps on Mobile devices

  • Access to native apps and HTML5 apps
  • Single Sign-On to apps

Enterpise App Store To Access Authorized Applications

  • Official download channel for enterprise apps
  • Enterprise app management and user entitlements

Sand Box Implementation (applicable for Android)

  • Additional level of app data protection
  • Applications running outside of the sandbox of AppPortal+ cannot access the data within it

Mobile App Integrity Protection

  • For Android Apps, AppPortal+ can prevent reverse engineering and tampering via code injection

System Security Features

Environmental Security Scan

  • Scan the operation system and installed apps to detect any risks on mobile devices

Policy Control Based on Scanning Results

  • Based on the scanning results, company can determine the action for launching and limiting the functions of integrated apps

Additional Security Features

Data Encryption Protection

Fast Enrolment and Device Insight

Device Fingerprint Technology

Contextual Authentication

Integration SDK & APIs

  • YESsafe AppPortal+ provides open APIs, to enable developers to leverage the security features of YESsafe AppPortal+.
  • This can greatly reduce their development efforts and enable enterprises to quickly launch secure mobile applications at a faster speed.