Protect Your Authentication Application with i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT

i-Sprint Mobile Token is an OATH compatible token that may be used in combination with your SWIFT Application for One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication.

For your other authentication needs, i-Sprint provides an authentication method agnostic server with support for different mechanisms (One Time Password, Biometrics, End-to-End Encryption Authentication) from multiple vendors (Vasco, Gemalto, V-Key, etc.) and form factors (SMS, Mobile, Hardware).


  1. Install i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT on your mobile phone
  2. Launch the token app and follow the screen instruction to set the App unlock method for your i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT
  3. To add new soft token to the i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT app, click on the plus sign on top right corner to bring out the authenticator QR code scanner
  4. Open the Two-factor Authentication set up QR code provided by your provider such as SWIFT. Use the i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT to scan and add the token in the mobile app
  5. Once added, you may use the OTP generated by i-Sprint Mobile Token for SWIFT to perform the Two Factor Authentication for your SWIFT Application


Method 1: Search for SWIFT Token on your IOS App Store or Google Play Store

Method 2: Click on the below tab to access the install page at IOS App or Google Play store

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